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TRACK BY TRACKS - Breathing the core 2019

BEHIND THE ARTWORK - Breathing the core 2019

INTERVIEW Deadly Storm Zine 2019

Interview/ Review Inside the darkness Mag 2019

Interview Metal Guardian (german) 2019

Interview clio's world (german) 2018

Interview Aristocrazia Webzine 2012

Interview Global Domination (very funny) 2006

Interview My last chapter 2006

Reviews "Into cascades of blood and burning soil":

reviews "contorted bodies in pain":,20057.html

Reviews "lustful screams of torture":,10093,10521.html

Laermbelaestigung mag: Lustful Screams of Torture and dead body fuck review

Reviews "Dead body fuck":

Reviews "Dead man rotting":






-Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil-
-Dead Man Rotting-
-Contorted Bodies in Pain-

-Live at Wonnemond Festival 2019-
- The Prophecy - DRUMCAM

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Nefariously brutalized tunes and double-flight killer vocals - Pure fuckin' brutal DEATHGRIND from Germany since 1997